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One of the Attorney General’s most important responsibilities is protecting Alabama consumers.  If you have a consumer-related issue, you may contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Interest Hotline at 1-800-392-5658, or you may file an online complaint here.

The Attorney General's Office of Consumer Interest serves as a mediator of consumers' complaints that relate to a retail transaction.  The Attorney General cannot serve as an individual's private attorney or provide consumers with legal advice. However, in many instances, we are successful in mediating complaints to the mutual satisfaction and benefit of the consumer and the business.

If circumstances warrant, the Attorney General may initiate legal action, either civil or criminal, to represent the interests of the State of Alabama and to enforce the various laws designed to protect consumers from con artists and unscrupulous practices by businesses. When such action is taken, the Attorney General is authorized to seek restitution for the affected consumers; as well as injunctive relief, civil penalties and criminal penalties.

On behalf of the Office of the Attorney General we hope you find our web pages informative and useful in responding to current situations you may be facing and in making future consumer decisions.

Services this Division Provides

The Consumer Interest Division serves as a mediator of disputes between consumers and businesses.  Although the Attorney General cannot serve as a private attorney for an individual or provide consumers with legal advice, the Consumer Interest Division can successfully mediate complaints to the mutual satisfaction of the consumer and the business.  The Consumer Interest Division also receives consumer calls and provides information regarding check scams and mortgage fraud, as well as other consumer related fraud.

Alabama law requires charities, health studios, professional fundraisers, professional solicitors, commercial co-venturers and telemarketers that solicit in or from the State of Alabama to register with the Attorney General’s Office.  Registration information can be found below.  For specific questions regarding registrations, call 1-800-392-5658. 

Sections of the Division

Environmental Section The Environmental Section represents the State of Alabama on a variety of complex environmental issues before the State and Federal Courts and numerous state and federal governmental agencies.  The Environmental Section actively litigates on behalf of Alabama to enforce State environmental laws and to prevent and abate pollution of State waters, land, and air.  In addition, the Section works closely with and/or represents various state environmental regulatory boards and agencies, including the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, and the Environmental Management Commission.

Utilities Section This section of the Civil Division acts as the advocate for the consumers before the Alabama Public Service Commission and represents the Attorney General in all utility matters before the Public Service Commission.  The Attorney General, primarily representing residential consumers, intervenes in utility matters affecting the public interest, particularly those utility dockets involving rate and service issues with electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, water, and wastewater companies.

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