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The Attorney General's office is located across the street on the west side of the State Capitol in Montgomery.

Physical Address:

Office of the Attorney General
501 Washington Avenue
Montgomery, Alabama 36104

Mailing Address: 

Office of the Attorney General
Post Office Box 300152
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-0152

Main Office Telephone: 334-242-7300 

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What are the duties of the Attorney General?

The Attorney General is a constitutional officer whose duties and powers are prescribed in Title 36, Chapter 15, of the Code of Alabama (1975).  As the state's attorney, he provides legal representation for the state of Alabama, its officers, departments, and agencies. The Attorney General defends the state in all lawsuits in which the state is named as a defendant. He represents the state in all court proceedings wherein the constitutionality of a state statute is challenged.

In addition to defending the state, the Attorney General may initiate court action, both civil and criminal, to protect the state's interests or to enforce state law. The Attorney General represents the state in all criminal actions in the appellate courts of the State of Alabama and in habeas corpus proceedings in the federal courts. He has the authority to superintend and direct the prosecution of any state criminal case.

The Attorney General issues legal advice through formal or informal written opinions to authorized public officials and agencies.

History of the Attorney General's Office

The Office of the Attorney General of Alabama dates from 1807. In that year, the territorial legislature appointed an Attorney General for the Mississippi Territory, which included present day Alabama.

In 1818, the territory was divided into three sections, Attorneys General were appointed for each section, and each received a salary of $450 per year. The following year Alabama gained statehood, and the Office of the Attorney General was included in the state’s Constitution. The Attorney General was to be elected by the Legislature to a four-year term. In 1876, the state’s Constitution was amended to require the Attorney General be elected by the people of Alabama.

The Office was classified under the judicial branch until 1868 when the Attorney General was made an executive officer of the state. Also, in that year, the term of office was reduced from four years to two years. However, in 1901 the term was changed back to four years, and the term still remains at four years.

Alabama's Attorney General was allowed no clerical assistance until 1896 when the Attorney General was authorized to hire a clerk. Eleven years later, the first Assistant Attorney General was provided for with a salary of $1,500 per year. In 1911, another Assistant Attorney General was employed. In 1915, the Attorney General was given discretionary permission to hire as he felt necessary. The Attorney General was also given the ability to set the employees' salaries with the approval of the governor.

In 1939, the Alabama Merit System Act was passed and employees of the Attorney General's Office became subject to the rules of the State Personnel Board.

Today, the Attorney General's staff includes more than 170 employees with diversified skills and training in law, public administration, investigation, consumer affairs, utility regulation, paralegal studies, and other disciplines.

Constitutional Basis & Qualifications for the Office of the Attorney General

Basis for the Attorney General
Article V, Section 112, established the  position of the Attorney General. Article V, Section 116, states the Attorney General shall be elected every four years. Amendment 282 permits him/her to succeed himself/herself for one additional term in office. Article V, Section 137, says the Attorney General's duties shall be prescribed by law.

Article V, Section 132, states that the Attorney General shall have been a citizen of the United States for at least seven years, an Alabama resident for at least five years immediately preceding his/her election, and at least 25 years old at the time elected.

Listing of Alabama Attorneys General

Steve Marshall 2017-current
Luther Strange 2011 - 2017
Troy R. King 2004 - 2011
Bill Pryor 1997 - 2004
Jeff Sessions 1995 - 1997
Jimmy Evans 1991 - 1995
Don Siegelman 1987 - 1991
Charles A. Graddick 1979 - 1987
William J. Baxley 1971 - 1979
MacDonald Gallion 1967 - 1971
Richmond M. Flowers 1963 - 1967
MacDonald Gallion 1959 - 1963
John Patterson 1955 - 1959
Bernard Sykes 1954 - 1955
S. I. Garrett 1951 - 1954
A. A. Carmichael 1947 - 1951
William N. McQueen 1943 - 1947
Thomas S. Lawson 1939 - 1942
A. A. Carmichael 1935 - 1939
Thomas E. Knight, Jr. 1931 - 1935
Charlie C. McCall 1927 - 1931
Harwell G. Davis 1921 - 1927
J. Q. Smith 1919 - 1921
Emmet S. Thigpen 1918 - 1919
F. Lloyd Tate 1918
 William Logan Martin 1915 - 1918
Robert Brickell 1911 - 1915
Alexander M. Garber 1907 - 1911
Massey Wilson 1903 - 1907
Charles G. Brown 1898 - 1903
William C. Fitts 1894 - 1898
William L. Martin 1889 - 1894
Thomas McClellan 1884 - 1889
Henry Tompkins 1878 - 1884
John W. A. Sanford 1874 - 1878
Benjamin Gardner 1872 - 1874
John W. A. Sanford 1870 - 1872
Joshua Morse 1868 - 1870
John W. A. Sanford 1865 - 1868
Marion A. Baldwin 1847 - 1865
William H. Martin 1847
Thomas D. Clarke 1843 - 1847
Matthew W. Lindsay 1839 - 1843
Lincoln Clarke 1838 - 1839
John D. Phelan 1836 - 1838
Alexander Meek 1836
Peter Martin 1832 - 1836
Constantine Perkins 1825 - 1832
Thomas White 1823 - 1825
Henry Hitchcock 1819 - 1823