Utilities Section


This section of the Civil Division acts as the advocate for the consumers before the Alabama Public Service Commission and represents the Attorney General in all utility matters before the Public Service Commission.  The Attorney General, primarily representing residential consumers, intervenes in utility matters affecting the public interest, particularly those utility dockets involving rate and service issues with electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, water, and wastewater companies.  

Services this Section Provides

The Attorney General receives and reviews all applications, petitions, and pleadings filed by public utilities doing business in the State of Alabama.  The Public Service Commission's staff provides technical assistance to the attorneys in the Utility Section and the attorneys have access to all of the Public Service Commission’s books, records, studies, and reports.  The Attorney General also appears before other state and federal agencies and courts in all matters concerning public utility services on behalf of consumers.  The Attorney General also assists municipalities, public corporations, and consumers who have utility questions involving rate and service issues about the practices of unregulated utilities.  The Attorney General may not represent private individuals before the Public Service Commission or before any other state or federal agencies or courts. 

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