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 September 7, 2017


            (MONTGOMERY)—Attorney General Steve Marshall announced that the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals on Friday upheld convictions for murder and other crimes in two Mobile shootings.

            The Court upheld two capital murder convictions and an attempted murder conviction of David Tramine Jones. In another case, the Court upheld the intentional murder and shooting into an occupied vehicle convictions of Michael Dewayne Jackson.

             Jones, 25, of Mobile, was convicted in October of 2016 for the murders of Michael Watkins and Darius Longmire and for the attempted murder of Tremayne Washington. The evidence at trial showed that on December 30, 2010, a vehicle had stopped on Abrams Street where the passengers came to talk to a woman who was with Jones.  Jones then attacked the people in the stopped vehicle with gunfire. The driver, Michael Watkins, was killed and a passenger, Tremayne Washington, was wounded. Another passenger, Darius Longmire, was forced into the vehicle’s trunk and the killer took the vehicle to a field where he planned to dump the bodies.  However, police and emergency personnel arrived, and the killer fled on foot.  Jones later stated that he had “shot the driver in the head,” “shot someone else in the backseat,” and “put the other in the trunk,” because he wanted the driver’s vehicle to “strip it down and sell it.”

            The passenger who had been put into the trunk, Darius Longmire, was assisting police in their investigation. Upon learning this, Jones stated that he intended to kill him also.  A couple of days after the first murder, Longmire was shot dead at a playground near Eagle Drive where he had been hiding. Jones was arrested and incarcerated. He told fellow inmates that “he killed a guy and shot another guy” and described how he set up the victims, how he shot them, how he had intended to dispose of their bodies, and that “he got some tennis shoes and a little money and some watches.”

            Jones was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for his capital murder convictions, and to life in prison for his attempted murder conviction.

            In the second case, Michael Dewayne Jackson, 34, of Mobile, was convicted in November of 2016 for the murder of Nikia Fair. The victim was the mother of the killer’s son, who was then four years old.  On April 27, 2015, following a domestic dispute, Fair drove away with their son in the car with her. Jackson fired three shots into the car. One of the shots hit Fair, killing her almost instantly. Their son was the only eye-witness to the murder and he testified at trial that he saw his daddy kill his mother with a gun. Jackson was sentenced to life in prison for his murder conviction and to 20 years’ imprisonment for shooting into an occupied vehicle.

            Both cases were prosecuted at trial by Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich’s office. Each defendant sought to have his convictions reversed on appeal.

            The Attorney General's Criminal Appeals Section handled the cases during the appeal process, arguing for the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals to affirm the convictions. The Court did so in decisions issued last Friday, September 1.  Attorney General Marshall commended Assistant Attorneys General Cecil Brendle and Kristi Wilkerson of the Attorney General’s Criminal Appeals Section for their successful work in these cases. 



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